WeLive Project (Women Empowerment through Livelihood and Entrepreneurship) 2020-2023

It is a project for sustainable income for rural women through Entrepreneurship Development and Social Empowerment. The Project is supported by BREADS Banglore (Banglore Educational And Development Society)

Project Goal

Sustainable income for rural women through micro enterprises and social empowerment.

Specific objective

  • 300 women are trained and capacitated to become entrepreneurs.
  • Out of 300 women 75% of them are trained in entrepreneurship and production skill and engage in individual or group based micro-Productions for income generation and /or saving purposes within the project period  
  • Out of 100 women 75% of them are trained in organic kitchen garden/farming and 60% of them are initiated organic farming or kitchen garden in their homes.
  • At least 65% of the 300 trained women’s household income will increase by at least 15% against their current income at the end of the project period.

Target group

  • Poor women who are participating in SHG/ Kudumbasree Units.
  • Having strong desire and interest to start livelihood project for their economic development

Project process

  • Selection of potential women/groups/women entrepreneurs
  • Capacity building
  • Skills development
  • Income generation activity
  • Economic upliftment  

Project activities

Activity 1 –Entrepreneurship Development Training

Three one day workshops for 300 women

Workshop  1       :               Group Management

Workshop 2        :               Finance Management

Workshop 3        :               Credit linkage and Finance access

Activity 2- Production Training

Two one Day workshops for 300 women

Workshop  1       :               Production training 1

Workshop 2        :               Production training 2

 Activity 3  Training on Organic Farming and kitchen gardening

Three one day workshop for 100 women from Edakkadu village in Poruvazhy Panchayat

Workshop 1        :               Organic farming – Basics

Workshop 2        :               How to start kitchen garden in organic way-seed selection, land, preparation                                                      etc.

Workshop 3        :               Basics of vegetable cultivation – cultivation, weed culture, organic pesticides, organic manure production etc.

Activity 4 Facilitation of Micro Enterprises.

Initiate group/individual Micro Enterprises/income generation project by the women.

Activity 5 Facilitation of organic Kitchen garden

Initiate organic kitchen garden in the house premises of women trained in organic kitchen garden

Activity 6 Marketing and Finance Linkage  support

Support services for the women entrepreneurs for exploring the market facilities, to increase their sales, market linkage  and financial linkages for  further growth of their enterprises /self employment

Impact of the project

  • 300 women entrepreneurs emerged
  • Sustainable income growth of rural women
  • Linkages and partnerships related for economic development and social empowerment of women
  • Food security