Charitable wing of the diocese of Punalur.


Punalur Social Service Society (PSSS) is a Voluntary Development Organization registered and incorporated in 1986 as a charitable society. The Governing body comprises of members elected from the village societies and people’s organizations. This is the official Organization of the Catholic Diocese of Punalur responsible for social action and development. PSSS is an Intermediary Organization promoting various people’s Organizations. The target constituency comprises of 14 Block panchayats in the districts of Kollam, Pathanamthitta and Alappuzha in Kerala, South India. PSSS has presence in 105 villages.


To bring about a more just, inclusive and sustainable society in which all people especially the marginalized participate actively in shaping their own destinies through the practice of community based development.


Punalur Social Service Society (PSSS) is a non-profit Voluntary Development Organization which contributes to the sustainable and equitable development of the Dalits, Inland Fishers, Tribals, Landless Agricultural Labourers, Traditional Artisans, Livelihood Communities, Women & Children, Persons with Disability and Persons living with HIV-AIDS in Kollam, Pathanamthitta and Alappuzha districts of Kerala, South India.

We accomplish this through promotion of people’s Organizations, functional development education, participatory programme planning & management and processes that enhance the capacity of individuals and communities to initiate economic, political and socio-cultural action to improve their life leading to community empowerment.

  1. To ensure that the marginalized communities are organized and strengthened.
  2. To increase peoples participation in rural development and micro planning.
  3. To ensure that credit facilities are easily available to the rural poor.
  4. To strengthen communities within the watershed for improved natural resource management and sustainable livelihood.
  5. To promote community health, food security and access to basic needs.
  6. To help provide equal opportunities, full participation, protect rights and integrate Persons with Disabilities & HIV/AIDS.
  7. To continuously engage in Organizational development and capacity building to become a learning organization.
  1. Social justice and equity for all.
  2. Commitment to participatory development
  3. The right for all to have access to basic needs
  4. Integration and inclusion of all
  5. Commitment to Gender equality
  6. Concern for the environment by all development actors.
  • Name of The Organization: Punalur Social Service Society
  • Acronym: PSSS
  • Address: Punalur Social Service Society, PB No. 50, PSSS Building, Punalur, Kerala, India – 691305
  • Phone Number: 0475 222 2191, +91 944 780 0815
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Director: Very Rev. Msgr. Johnson Joseph
  • Associate Director: Rev. Fr. Roy B Simon
  • Asst. Director: Rev.Fr Christu Das
  • DB Tech Director: Rev. Msgr Johnson Joseph
  • Established: 1986