General objective

The support programme for the federation of People with Disabilities in Punalur Diocese will contribute to enable Persons With Disabilities/families to access regular services and opportunities so that they can maximize their physical and mental abilities and become active contributors to the community and society. 

This project is focusing on the need to address the exclusion of Persons  With Disability on promoting accessibility as well as removing all types of barriers in society. The major activity under this programme are awareness to public and PWD’s on prevention on disability, training in Right Based Approach (RBA) to federation leaders, EDP Training to selected women and youth, training in advocacy an lobbying to SHG leaders and federation leaders, interface with service providers on Govt. Schemes related to PWD’s, access auditing in public buildings, awareness to school children on the need of inclusion for children with disability, medical support and assistive devices, Ability Fest, training Activities of Daily Living(ADL’s), preparation and distribution of IEC materials and exposure programme

General and specific Objectivities

      This particular project will contribute to enable Persons With Disabilities/ families to access regular services and opportunities so that they can maximize their physical and mental abilities and become active contributors to the community and society.

Specific objectives

  • To initiate and sustain network, advocacy and lobbing in promoting the rights of the disabled people in the areas of health, education and livelihood.
  • To create need based micro and macro Income Generating Programmes for women and youth with disability.
  • To strengthen the  network of PWD’s  at  Village, Block, District and State level.
  • To improve the quality of life in personal, social, economic and political aspects of PWD’s.
  • To ensure equal opportunities and social inclusion through lobby and advocacy.
  • To make the PWD’s  themselves as ‘change agents’ in the community by motivating, nurturing and developing.
  • To capacitate the PWD’s to resist  the unjust and unequal power relations in a just manner.
  • To ensure that PWD’s have a say in planning, monitoring and managing the programme.


1.1  Awareness to public and PWD’s  on the prevention of Disability and an inclusive   society    for all.

1.2  Training in Right Based Approach to Federation leaders

1.3   EDP training in micro and macro entrepreneurship to selected women and   youth.

1.4  Training in Advocacy and lobbying to SHG leaders and federation leaders.

1.5  Interface with service providers on govt. schemes related to PWD’s

1.6 .  Access auditing in public buildings

1.7  Awareness to school children’s on the need of inclusion of Children With Disability.

1.8  Medical support and assistive devices

1.9 Celebration of world Disability Day ( Ability Fest)

1.10  Training in Activates of  Daily Living (ADL’S)

1.11 .  preparation and distribution of IEC Materials.

1.12 Exposure programme for PWD’s


  • 572 members directly and 2000 members indirectly are aware on prenatal and postnatal care, early detection diagnosis and intervention of disability.
  • Decreased level  of disability cases in the area.
  • Decreased level of accidents in homes, work places and roads.
  • Submitted memorandum to MLA (Member of Legislative  Assembly) and availed 9  two wheelers from District panchayath.
  • Availed 31 wheel chairs from Panchayath Raj  Institutions.
  • Submitted loan application in banks and availed Rs.  3,15,000 for 21 members for starting IGP’s
  • 29 disabled children were enrolled in regular schools by submitting complaints in higher authorities of educational department.
  • Necessary medicines were availed in 15 Primary Health Centers by
  • Submitting application to DMO (District Medical officer).
108 Women and youth initiate a sustainable  IGP.08 Group IGP’s and 63 Individual IGP’s were initiated.Increased income in 108 families in an average range of Rs.1500/- to Rs.2100 in a month.
  • Improved living standard and status of 108 families.
  • Applied Right to information Act (RTI) in 47 government offices, 14 schools &67 Panchayat Raj Institutions by the Disabled People’s Organizations.
  • Applied in 6 schools to enrole the Children With Disabilities.
  • Accordingly 41 children were enrolled in 27 schools.
  • Influenced Kollam District Collector and constructed  ramp in 06 public buildings and 02 schools 
  • Availed seeds and seedlings to 2150 members from Agricultural department.
  • Availed free medicine for 94 children from Health department.
  • 41 Children were enrolled in regular school with the initiation of educational department .
  • Availed pension for 33 children with Disabilities.
  • 64 children were covered in ‘NIRAMAYA’ insurance scheme.
  • 12 cases were charged by police for illegal action against CWD’s.
  • Availed educational scholarship for 32 students.
  • Availed 10 Dairy units from District Panchayat to 10 poor families.
  • Identified the problems in buildings related to accessibility.
  • As a result of previous year’s report, changes have noticed in 5 public buildings.
  • 7 complaints were submitted to District Collectors and Disability Commissioner.
  • Ramps were constructed   in  02 schools and 06 govt. offices .
  • 860 children are aware of the need of inclusive education.
  • 83 teachers are willing to enroll  the disabled children.
  • 860 children could accept the disabled children.
  • 29 Children With Disabilities were enrolled in school
  • prevented secondary complication of 59 Disabled persons.
  • Improved health status of 59 Disabled persons.
  • Improved functionality of body.
  • Reduced space and spasticity of   children by providing physiotherapy 
  • Solidarity among disabled members in inclusion and mainstreaming.
  • Increased awareness of people on CBR activities of society.
  • Improved networking among NGO’s/Organizations.
  • Enhanced linkages with govt. Departments 
  • 310 parents are fully aware on the need of ADL’s.
  • 310 parents could increase their skills in ADL’s.
  • 310 parents could prepare ADL chart of the better implementation of ADL’s
  • 2000 members directly and 2200 members indirectly aware on the couses and consequences of disability.
  • 4200 members are aware on the prevention measures  of disability.  
  • Improved knowledge on different types of income generation progamme for PWD’s.
  • opportunity to enjoy the sight scenes and as a result decreased mental tension.  
  • Dissemination of knowledge to other members in DPO’s