Liliane Special School  was started under the auspicious of Punalur Social Service Society,  with the support of Liliane Fonds, Netharland in 2008 for the mentally challenged. Children between 4-25 are eligible to admit in the school. Presently 46 mentally challenged children are studying in this school. The school is focusing it’s attention on Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s, Development of cognitive, motor. Language and social skills, Physiotherapy, speech therapy, yoga, Individual Rehabilitation plan (IRP), nutritious food etc.

Physically and mentally challenged children are considered the most vulnerable group in the community. Due to their mental incapacity, they are unable to get equal opportunity and respect from the community compared to normal individuals. Often they are isolated and confined to their homes only. Due to their mental incapacity they are unable to gain proper education. Majority of them are failing to get admission in regular schools. Moreover these children are ill-treated by the school authorities, peer groups, family members and they are considered as children with limited capacity.

Regular Services In The School

Speech therapy:- Regular speech therapy would help the children to improve overall communication. This makes it possible for children with autism to improve their co-ordination of speech museles through strengthening and co-ordination exercises, sound repetitions’ and imitation. It improves the communication between the brain and the body through visual and auditory aids such as mirrors and tape recorder. Moreover it helps to improve the conceptual skills like language and literacy, money, time and number concepts and self direction, social skills such as interpersonal skills, social responsibility, practical skills like activities of Daily Living, Occupational skills and health care.

Training in Daily Living Activities :- The ADL training provides in eating-ie able to feed one self, Bathing- able to bath, brush teeth, getting dressed – able to dress and undress, mobility – able to sit stand and walk, able to control bladder and bowel functions, toileting, it helps the children for provisional self care activities across home, school, work and community settings.
Physiotherapy:- It restore, maintain and  make most of a children mobility, function and well being  

Self employment training : –  Skill development training is provided to the children. Training is provided in different category based on their skills, activities and attitude. Training in the areas of umbrella making, agarbathi making, craft making, envelop making, soap, soap powder. Lotion etc. Are the main areas of training.

Counselling to Children & Parents : – Both the children and Parents are facing a lot of psychological problems. They are isolated from the community and family. Counselling boost their self esteem and avoiding the inferiority complex. The counselling motivate them for living like normal children’s Family/ individual counselling help them to solve their emotional problems